How to Get Thinner Legs

Your leg muscles are the largest and most important muscles in your body after your heart. If you play a sport you will notice that most of your power comes from your legs. Additionally, our legs carry us everywhere in life, keeping them in shape now is imperative for your future health and mobility as you age. For some though, legs cause anguish as they can sometimes be too big, due to fat development or even muscle development. We take a look at some of the ways to remedy this issue.

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Mediterranean Diet: Benefits and Advantages

For thousands of years those living in the Mediterranean have had less occurrences of heart disease and other ailments than Americans, which die as of a result their diets - either directly or indirectly. Recent studies have shown that a diet rich in plant foods and monounsaturated fats protects against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. A research project named the "Seven Countries Study" conducted during the 1960's showed Greek men enjoyed the longest life spans due to their diets. Which foods enable longevity in this diet and why exactly do they contribute to a healthier life?

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Removing Alcohol from Your Diet for Weight Loss

If there’s something that hinders your weight loss program more than anything and can be hard to resist if you frequently are out on the town at night, its alcohol. Whether its beer, wine, or hard liquor - all take a toll on your body after a while even in small doses. Once you take that first sip it’s pretty hard to stop yourself after just one and that’s why sustaining from alcohol while out on the town is your best bet to avoiding potential weight gain.

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Irish Dance Is the New Cardio Workout

Looking to strengthen your core, increase stamina; improve your carriage and coordination all while having a blast? Well look no further than Irish Dancing. After personally having tried ballet, jazz, and lyrical I know that none even compares to the workout I get from Irish Dance.

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